Tips for a Fussy Eater

What do you do when your child picks on the food rather than just eat it? Or the very thought of a meal time makes your kid hide where you cannot find him. NO matter how hard you try, sometimes there are bound to be kids who are absolutely fussy eaters! Most parents are at the brink of exhaustion and exasperation when it comes to kids like these.

Rachana David, one of our fans asked us: “How do I get my daughter, Tanisha, a very fussy eater, get to eat food?”

We got responses on FB and offline too. Here are some suggestions that we have collated for all you moms who have a fussy eater!

Arpana Mukesh Bhardwaj“Divert her attention, let her concentration be everywhere except food! Give her favourite toy in her hand and keep on telling her lots of stories to keep her attention off food. She will eat her food because she is so engrossed in other work”     Arpana Mukesh Bhardwaj

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“Involve her during the initial cooking process with mom and then ask her to cook some food with her own kitchen set. With her food ready in the plate convince her that she is eating her own hand made food.”  Praveen Dhonukshe-Patil

Ruchi Batra “I usually give a biscuit/ mango/crunchy in my son’s hand and when he opens his mouth to eat it, I have a spoonful of food ready to fill his mouth before he eats the biscuit. He keeps eating both the things together. So I have a kid who not only eats his food without a fuss, but just as a back up, there is also a snack in his hand that he would love to eat!”  Ruchi Batra

Profile Picture“Just do one simple thing. Serve the food in one plate and keep it in the dining area.  Don’t ask her to eat and don’t look at her when she is eating her food. Have two-three varieties of food that interest her in the plate. After playing, whenever she will feel hungry she will eat the food. Once she starts feeling hungry, she will start asking you for the food.”   Megha Kabra

Expert Mommy Tips:

When you start working on your fussy eaters, wait and watch patiently. Once they see that you have stopped following them with food, they will soon come to you hungry and would eat all the healthy food you give them.

Avoid force feeding your child as it is bound to make them fussier!

Try giving them healthy drinks and  food presented in a different style. Vegetable cutlets, cakes, parathas can be filling! 

Look up some interesting recipes here


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