Spending Quality Time with Your Kids – For a Working Mom

Balancing work and life is not an easy task for working mothers. Limited time can be squeezed out from their hectic working days. The time spent with your kids never seems to be enough to satisfy you as a mother. As quality scores over quantity, a working mother must plan ahead in order to spend some quality time with her kids.

Quality Interaction with Kids during Week Days

Involve them in chores

Most working mothers are exhausted by the time they return home from work. Some might even have household chores to complete. In the midst of all, there is little time to offer undivided attention to the kids. In such a case, get your kids involved in the activities you do. Get them involved in the kitchen or folding the dried clothes. It is very important to make your presence felt to your kids.

Talk about the day

Have the TV or music system turned off and spend time together eating or snacking or playing or talking. Chat with him while you do the simple chores or cook in the kitchen. Learn how he spent the day at the childcare or with the caretaker at home. Talking about his daily activities could develop a special bonding with your child. If your child already goes to school, ask him about the activities he had at school. Help him with his homework or project. Encourage him to talk about his friends, teachers and the school.

mother talking to kidsListen to your child

While he talks about his activities, do not pretend that you are listening. Kids want their parents to listen to them. As he tells you about how his day went on, tell him about the good things you had at work. The conversation does not have to be explanatory.

Go for a walk

If time is a constraint over the week days, take your child for a stroll for 30 minutes. If your child loves to ride a bicycle, let him ride and learn while you walk with him. Eating together is a possible thing to do even during the weekdays. If the entire family cannot be together, eat with your child. Post dinner, spent 30 minutes reading stories to him and putting him to sleep.

Planning Great Weekend Activities

Plan activities

Keep away all your other commitments over the weekend. Get weekend activities planned in advance. Make your child a part of your plan and understand if he has other requests or suggestions to make. Get to know your child’s likes and dislikes. As a mother, this is extremely important. Some interesting weekend activities with your child would be reading stories, playing games, making crafts, painting etc.

Spend time outdoors

Do not just confine your activities indoors. Get him out to play in the garden or a park nearby. Go for swimming together, if he is old enough to swim. Toddlers and young kids love to spend some time in the amusement centres assigned to play games with other kids. If you plan to buy something for your child, take him along to shop together. This will help him express his likes and dislikes. However, do not succumb to all his needs as this could eventually turn your child so demanding.

Play games

Additionally, get your child involved games and activities such as skating, badminton etc over the weekend. Do not force your likes on kids. Let them try the activities they are interested in. They will soon find their interests and pick up a few to get themselves frequently involved. Even though it is the weekend, do not exhaust them. After every outdoor activity, let them return home and rest. This is a time while you can let him relax and make his favourite snack or drink. If not, drive him to a snack parlor and enjoy a small meal together.

Sing and dance

You could also play his favourite music and sing along. Have your child dance with your while you sing his favourite song. Play one of the interesting kids’ movies and watch together. He might have watched the movie multiple times. If he is interested, be a part of the fun. If your child is old enough to go to a theatre and watch movies, take him for a children’s movie. A weekend picnic with the rest of the family is another great idea to spend quality time with your kid. Your child will surely love the idea of having the entire family together.

It is clearly evident that quality time spent with your kids improves their feeling of security, well-being and behaviour. Let no distraction come between both of you while you spend time with your child. Through you, your child learns how to behave with elders and respect them. 


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