10 baby toys parents must buy

Age is a factor mostly taken into consideration to buy toys for babies and kids. A young baby would not enjoy a much sophisticated toy like blocks and a toddler would not enjoy having a rattle or a musical toy. From soft toys, role play toys and electronic toys to puzzles and board games, there are many varieties in the market. The toys must be capable of helping the baby acquire new developmental milestones and must not hamper his development at any stag

Here are some toys that you can buy for your little one!

Musical Toys - Tomy Discovery - Magical Melody MakerMusical Toys

Musical toy varieties focus on babies of particular age groups. These are good to develop your child’s sensitivity towards music and sounds. While the ones designed for newborns and infants below 6 months put them to sleep, the ones for toddlers entertain them during playing hours.

Expert Tip: A warning about these toys is to check the sound before buying one. Sharp sounds can damage a baby’s ear.

Perfect for your teething baby, teethers are perfect to chew on. They soothe the delicate swollen gums and can settle your baby without the need of a soothing gel or a firm massage.

Teethers & Soothers - Chicco - Marmalade Kitten
Cuddling and Sensory Toys
Buy a few soft toys for your baby to play with and a couple of bigger ones for him to cuddle and sleep. For playing, get the ones that give a squeak or tweet when pressed. This will help him learn the capabilities of his hands.

Pull Along Toys - Vividha - Mini Push n Pull Along

Push and Pull Toys
Push toys can teach your baby balancing techniques. Do not be surprised if you see your baby leaning on it and practicing his first steps of walking. Push toys will give him adequate balance while he cruises.
Expert Tip: Once the cruisers advance their walking skills, you can offer pull toys. They can now easily move forward and look back at the same time without losing balance.
Blocks & Stacking Games - Sevi Sorting CrabBlocks and Shape Sorters
While blocks let them learn the art of stacking, shape sorters help them learn the difference between shapes. Get them stack three to four toys in the beginning and eventually progress to bigger number of blocks. He will surely enjoy the crash of the blocks and stacking them back. Shape sorters might turn frustrating to the babies at times when they are really confused about why a round block would not fit into a square opening. With practice, your baby would know the exact placements of the shapes. These are ideal for babies 12 months and up.
Baby Rattles - Little's - Baby RattleRattles
Rattles are great fun for the babies with their bright colors and percussive sounds. This interesting piece of toy gives your baby fun with seeing and hearing at the same time. Once your baby is capable of grasping things, he will shake it himself. Most infant toys these days have rounded edges these days to prevent injuries and bruises while shaking.

Expert Tip: For extra safety, ensure that you buy the ones that have no sharp edges. These are ideal for babies upto six months of age.

Cot Mobiles
These are great attention seekers of newborns and those below two months of age. You get a plenty of varieties in contrasting colors and designs. Mobiles that play music are fun. Buy mobiles after testing the music. Go for the ones that have lullaby-like cool and soothing music that can settle your baby. You can attach the mobile to the crib or cot rail towards the right side of the baby.

Expert Tip: Do not hang it to the left or overhead. Babies of this age look to the right most of the time. Keep it away from the baby’s reach.

Dolls and Dollhouses - Chicco - My First Doll

Dolls and Dollhouses

Offering lifelike houses for your child’s favorite dolls, a complete range of house sets are available including bedrooms, kitchens, playhouse etc. These are ideal for girls above two years. You could complement the dollhouses with more dolls and accessories. This is sure to enhance their imagination and socialization skills.

Bikes, Ride Ons - Ranger Hulk Car

Ride-on Vehicles
The steady walkers would love to have a couple of these vehicles that help them motor around the home or lawn. Its electronic versions are expensive and demand your child moving on his own without needing a supporter. Try to go for the versions that can be manually operated. These are affordable and offer your baby the fun of getting around in the vehicle under your power and supervision.
Bouncers, Cradles & Bassinets - Chicco Bouncing Chair (Distraction)

Bouncing seats are good for babies who have gained neck support and can sit up without discomfort. These offer fabric seats well cushioned for your baby’s comfort. You can strap your baby for safety and bounce him gently. Some come with melodies and soft vibrations to soothe your baby. Some have loop links to hang your baby’s favorite toys.


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