7 Childproofing Must Haves

As soon as my angelic baby girl turned 6 months old and started crawling, my once serene house started looking like a land full of dangers with mishaps waiting to happen at every nook and corner.

I suddenly started seeing the world from baby’s eye level, there were so many dangers with corners of furniture, sharp edges of household goods, electrical outlets, bathroom faucets, furniture that could fall over, oven door, cabinets with things that can harm the baby and so on, you get my drift.

I immediately started to childproof my home and I could not have started any sooner because there is no knowing what a crawling baby might find interesting enough to start exploring. It might feel that you are being paranoid about home safety but when you see some statistics on baby injuries at home you feel prevention is the best form of safety measure.

It is better if you get started on childproofing your home before the baby starts crawling and that is why I have compiled these 7 Childproofing must-haves which will ensure a safe and secure home for your little one.

Electrical Safety

Cover all electrical outlets with an outlet cover which have sliding safety latch, cannot be easily removed and are large enough to prevent any choking hazard. Use cord shorteners to help secure extra long electrical device cords. Try to keep all electrical devices unplugged when not in use. Use electrical tape to cover any extensions between various extension cords.

Furniture Bumpers & Guards

You should pad the edges and corners of all furniture using soft bumpers. You should attach corner and edge guards to save your tiny tot from any injury due to the sharp edges. Secure all furniture that can topple over (bookcases, drawers, Television etc) to the walls.

Water Safety

Do you know that a baby can drown in even two inches of water so never leave your baby alone in the bathroom even for a second. You should put a toilet lock on the toilet lid. Use non-skid mats or tubs for giving a bath to the baby. Try to put soft covers on all water spouts so that the baby’s head does not bang against the spout. Even if you are using a bath seat you should never substitute that with parental supervision.

Poison Safety

Check your house thoroughly and move cleaning solutions, medicines, toiletries and other toxic substances out of reach and under lock. Take a first-aid course so that you can help your child in case of any emergency.

Fire Safety

Keep your home fire-free by installing fire alarms in your house. Never hold your baby while cooking on the stove. Use an over door guard to prevent burns and stove guard which prevents pans from being pulled down. Use oven and stove knob covers to prevent any accidents.

Door Safety

Doors can prove to be major hazard as it can lead to fingers being pinched, lock-ins, fingers being trapped between sliding doors, doors being slammed etc. Use door stoppers to prevent pinched fingers and use anti-slam doorstop to prevent being locked in rooms. You can also use door knob covers which will help prevent curious babies from accessing potentially dangerous areas.

Control Access to forbidden areas

If you have any cabinets or drawers which might contain any potentially unsafe items then secure these with locks/latches. Also put strong adhesive based latches on fridge doors and other appliances so that kids can be safely kept away from these appliances.

Follow these safety tips and keep your child safe at home while he explores his world to his heart’s content and grows up to be a healthy and happy child.

Guest Post by Swapna Thomas.

Swapna loves writing and is mom to a lovely 3 year old!  She has her own blog on parenting. Click here to view her blog.

All images have been sourced from the internet.


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  1. One piece of advice.don’t ever use duck’s brand) safety products they are sheer useless.i got the safety guard for sockets but it didn’t help as the socket has 3 holes and my daughter still puts her finger in if.and i also bought the duck guard for pointed tables but it didn’t fit and I wasted my money .

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