Handling fussy eaters – 2

Still at large about what to do with your fussy eater ? Don’t worry! We have more options for you!

Make ‘Smiley faces’ on bread slices

You could sauce and other bright colored thick liquids to draw smileys and sad faces on bread toasts and give it to your kids. They will love the fact that they have just eaten a ‘happy man’ or a ‘sad man’. You can draw a lot of stuff on bread slices and have a new painting ready for your toddler to gobble up. You could even let him try it out. Trust us, it would be the most fun filled experience you’d have ever had.

Liquid food diets are good too

Don’t worry a lot if your kid is partial to liquids and doesn’t indulge in solids at all. You could try introducing him to milkshakes and fruit juices and smoothies in order to get the right nutrotion. Occasionally, try giving him vegetable clear soup or some other creamy and thick soup to let them taste and try it out.

Dips and toppings are delightful too

Toddlers have great fun when they use dips like peanut butter and mayonnaise, not to mention yoghurt flavored with spices. Thus, you can arrange for dips like chutneys and sambhars too so that they eat idlis and dosas with relish. You could try topping almost everything that kids eat with sauce, because sauce is loved by almost all toddlers.

Say no to junk stuff
How to wean away kids from junk stuff like burgers and pastries and cookies? Simple. Don’t introduce them in the first place. Let your child be comfortable eating home made food first and after he develops a taste for home made food, he can be introduced to junk food at a much later stage in his life. Your child might not miss much if he is kept away from junk for the first few years of his life.

Grow gardens with your child

This is a great way to make him enjoy his time and learn something creative. While he may not be able to assist you in any productive way, let him be a part of the whole process of growing fruits and vegetables. It will be good for him to indulge in mud baths too. But then, he will be more interested to eat the fruits that he grew. This is an innovative idea worth trying out.

Feed your kid in the Balcony

Leave decorum and manners till your child is older. Till then, feed him in a way that makes him eat more. The balcony is a good option in case it overlooks the road. You could play a game that says, ‘One bite for every bus that passes’. He will feel excited to eat and will look out for buses that way. You could change the vehicle every day, from buses to auto rickshaws to trucks to cycles. Pick the less frequent ones and enjoy the entire experience.

Thus, we hope you are having a blast feeding your toddler by following some of the tips we’ve gathered for you!


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