Handling a Fussy Eater

A good diet is on the top of the list for most parents when it comes to the general well being of their kids. A healthy and balanced food intake is the most essential part of a toddler’s lifestyle that allows him a lot of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to playing around and learning new things while growing up. Often, due to the lack of necessary vitamins and minerals, we see kids who are comparatively slower and listless and have lesser creative urges. Hence, a natural diet minus all the junk is very important for a child. However, feeding a toddler is easier said than done, and if your toddler is cranky, obstinate and highly picky about food, then feeding him is a Herculean effort. But then, as they say, the greatest of battles are won by love; do not spank or scream at your child. Instead, invent creative methods so as to how dinner time becomes more of a play time and your kids actually look forward to eating food. Here are certain tips so as to how to make your toddler enjoy eating fresh food without throwing tantrums and creating a fit. Read on..

Give each Dish Creative names

Of course, greens like fresh fruits and broccoli might look a tad boring when compared to all the junk that kids relish. But a little bit of creativity can take things a lot more further. It helps if you slice bananas into small circles and call it ‘The Banana Wheel’. Similarly, apples cut into slices could become ‘The Apple Moon’. Broccoli can be called ‘Dinosaur Trees’ and so on. It gives the child a sense of great amusement when a game is played. Like, for instance, when he ate an apple slice, you could say, ‘Hey, my son just ate a huge moon.’ and watch his excitement grow.

Who says eating Should be only on the table

You could make your child eat and play by cleaning all his trucks and filling them with pieces of chapatti. The child can sit on the opposite end of the room and you could pass on food sitting on the other diagonal end. If not trucks, you can just push over the plates too. It will create a mess, no doubt. But then, there is nothing as important as getting your child to eat right, is there?

Define Territories

Believe me, kids and especially toddlers love to be in control. You can give your child a plate and fill it up and then question after a while, “Can Mummy take your salad?” and then watch at what lightening speeds your kid will gobble the dish up. It also pays to say, “Don’t touch Papa’s chappati.” and suddenly, the chappati becomes the treasure on the table. Playing games like ‘Who’ll gobble it up the fastest’ is good when it comes to drinking liquids like milk.

Cut food into decorative shapes
Your kid might not dig into your paranthas with delight. So, in order to intrigue him, cut into a star or a tree using cutting knives. There are also criss cross knives available that enable you to cut foodstuffs with a triangular outline and your child will instantly get hooked to the ‘different’ dish.

Need More info? Read more about Handling Fussy Eaters in our next  article


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