Chilly Nutrela (Soyabean)

This is something that your kids will love as a snack. It is not a complete meal but serves as an accompaniment to fried rice or wraps.


  1. Capsicum – 1
  2. Carrot – 1
  3. Cabbage – 1
  4. Spring Onion – 1
  5. Nutrela  – 250 gms
  6. Green Chilly – 1
  7. Garlic -1
  8. Olive oil – 2 tbsp
  9. Sauces – Tomato , Soya and chilli – 1tsp
  10. Vinegar – 1tsp
  11. Salt to taste

Serves – 2


Cut long stripes of garlic, capsicum, carrot, cabbage and spring onion. Soak nutrela in hot water and keep aside for some time. Once you have finished chopping pour some olive oil in a frying pan and put it on the gas stove to heat it. After a minute when the oil is well heated put some garlic in it. When garlic starts turning golden brown add all the chopped vegetables in the frying pan and mix them well. Saute it for around 5 to 7 minutes. When the vegetables are half cooked, add the soaked nutrela to the vegetables and mix well. Add one teaspoon salt, soya sauce, vinegar, chilly sauce and tomato sauce to the mixture and toss them well. Let it be on the gas stove for 5 more minutes so that the nutrela absorbs all the sauces and salt well.

Within 15 minutes your chilly nutrela is ready to entice not only your child’s taste buds but also yours. Apart from the relishing taste, nutrela is also said to be a very good source of protein. So in a way apart from filling your child’s appetite, this recipe also provides them with right amount of nutrients.


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