Packing the hospital bag

The time that you have been waiting for all the 9 months has finally arrived. You are about to deliver! Much as the fact that you are pretty excited, you also need to be prepared when you go to the hospital. Here are a list of things that are a must-have in your bag. Oh yes, first of all buy a bag 🙂 and also a diaper bag that you will need to store all the baby stuff. Let us make a checklist for you, the mommy first. Here is a list of what we think you would require when you check in to a hospital for your delivery:

  1. A comfortable pair of night dresses/ gowns that you can discard post delivery
  2. A comfortable pillow if you need one. Nursing pillows to use post delivery.
  3. Cameras and camcorders if you want to record the delivery
  4. A pen/pencil and a note book to make a note of the feed timings of the baby
  5. Nursing tops that can be used post delivery
  6. Socks that you can discard because you could end up walking up and down your room during labour.
  7. Gifts for the baby’s older sibling if any.
  8. A bathing robe or towel
  9. Undergarments
  10. Nursing bra’s and nursing pads
  11. Toiletries to wash yourself
  12. Combs, rubber bands if you have long hair, lip balms
  13. A stock of sanitary napkins

Now that you have a diaper bag ready, let’s make a checklist of what you require for the baby. Here we go,

  1. A packet of new born diapers
  2. A packet of wipes
  3. A roll of sterlised cotton or cotton buds
  4. Ganji’s or vests for the new born
  5. Baby bedsheets/ blankets to swaddle the child
  6. Baby bib to use when you are feeding
  7. Protector mats that will not wet the bedding
  8. A soft towel for the baby
  9. Wash cloths to wipe the baby
  10. Toiletries you will require to bathe the baby.


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