Hobby Classes

Come summer, and you suddenly have two long months to go where there is a chance for your toddler to learn something extra curricular that can develop into his/her hobby. It is important for parents to join their kids for hobby classes that suit their age and temperament so as to enable them to learn the art without feeling stressed and over burdened. Ensure that your children are very much a part of the decision as to which class they would like to attend. This way they would feel a part of the process and will be more likely to learn.

Here are certain hobby choices that can be pursued by toddlers during their summer vacations.

Singing classes

You could enroll your kid for singing classes where there are quite a lot of song options like classical, contemporary and other folk and patriotic forms of music. But since your kid is just a toddler, you could enrol him to learn those basic rhymes and poems with a initial introduction to Hindustani music like ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ on the keyboard. Classes also offer flute training and piano training for toddlers where your child can play his/her favorite instrument with gusto.

Dancing or Music Classes

Dancing is not a very good idea until your child is at least six to seven years old. But then, basic steps can be learnt such as shaking your hands, lifting the legs and moving the hips according to the music beats. But be sure to enrol your kid in an institute which has the patience to teach your child the basic moves. A lot of institutes also offer music classes, so if your child is musicallyinclined, choose an institue that will help him love his music.

Sports classes

Sports coaching at a young age is important because you never know if your is India’s next Sachin Tendulkar or Saina Nehwal. Hence, speak to your child about his favorite sport and then ask him if he would like to pursue it. You might make your boy pursue sports like cricket and football; whereas girls are generally made to opt for soft games like tennis and badminton.

Swimming classes

Swimming is a classic way to beat the summer heat! Most housing socities have a pool in them, so Kid swimming exercise for Growthyou could start off by enrolling your child into it if there is an instructor around.  If you know how to swim, then do join your kid in the pool, it would give them and assurance that you are just around.


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