Potty Training at Nights

Now that you have made your kid diaper free most of the day, it’s time to make them diaper free through the night. Yes, I know this is one of the most trying phases in a parent’s life. I follow a couple of thumb rules to make my kids trained through the night. I have my moments of frustration, but it’s a part and parcel of the potty training regime. What I suggest is that be armed with loads of patience, you will need it and well, here are some tips that you can follow to encourage a diaper free night for your kid.

1. Limit Liquids

When I posted on FB on tips to train my twins, the most common tip I got was to limit the intake of fluids.  My kids are used to having a glass of milk before they sleep. I try and give them the milk at least an hour before they sleep, so that they do not have a full bladder just before they go to sleep. Most of my friends suggested that I limit the fluid intake at least 3 hours before they sleep.


Tip: Just ensure that your kids are hydrated with adequate water intake through the day.

 2. Wake up at regular intervals

Yes, it can be quite irksome for a few, especially after a hectic day, one would do anything to have a comfortable night’s sleep, but in the potty training phase, you will need to compromise a bit here. Set an alarm for regular intervals. A 2 hour alarm to start off with is a decent interval. You can stretch it from 2 hours to longer durations once your kid is getting used to the training.

Tip: If you make your child sleep in another room, you can place their potty chair in the bedroom so that they can relieve themselves. You can use nightlights just in case your kid may be afraid of visiting the bathroom alone at nights.

Diaper Changing Pads/Mats - Baby Bed Protector Cum Mattress3. Use mattress Protectors

Invest in a good quality mattress protector to avoid any kind of accidents that can happen at night. Spread the mattress protector on top of the bed and pace a soft bedsheet on it for a comfortable sleep.

Tip: Ditch that diaper. No matter how much you are tempted to use that one diaper if you are going out, avoid it.

4. Use Positive Encouragement

Be positive in your approach to potty training. It will require ample amount of patience from your side. Celebrate the successes. Do not get angry or punish the child if there are any slip ups or accidents. They are bound to happen.  Give positive words of encouragement when the child has a dry day to make them feel good about it.

Tip: Have a calendar that you use for marking the dry days. Set goals, and if your kid meets the goals give them a treat.


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