Ensuring that kids have the right bed time

Adequate amount of sleep is of paramount importance when it comes to toddlers. The right amount of sleep can reinforce proper activeness and cheerfulness in a child throughout the day. A toddler needs at least ten to twelve hours of sleep every night.

Almost all parents have this huge problem when it comes to putting their kids to bed. They have to deal with cranky kids who just do not want to sleep and then there are kids who want to sleep when they like and end up looking gruffy and dull throughout the day. As a parents, it is a must for you to organize the proper sleeping time for your kids and that should ideally be between 7-8 PM every night. Check out what you can do in order to make your child catch up on some good amount of sleep every night.

Keep them busy throughout the day

Plan a slew of activities and loads of outdoor running and frolicking that will make them tired and go to bed early. Do not encourage sleeping during the day, though a nap of one hour in the afternoon is allowed. This way your toddler will be more than happy to jump into bed when the clock strikes eight.

A healthy supper

You could give your child a healthy supper around two hours before you plan to put him into bed. Also a glass of warm milk while on bed will do the trick to lull your kid to sleep.

A warm bath

There is nothing like a warm bath that can make your child sleep soundly throughout the night. You could try using scents and massaging his muscles so that he is completely relaxed and drifts off to sleep. Also, you must make it a point to encourage your child to brush his teeth before he goes to bed every night.

Story time

Cuddling in bed with your children while reading out their favorite stories is one of the most enjoyable activities for a parent and the child. Make sure that you indulge in story telling on all nights. Your child might want the session to continue but then gently remind him that it is way past his curfew time and he needs to sleep.

Sing a lullaby to him

Toddlers respond quickly to lullabies and sleep like never before. You could sing him a subtle, soft lullaby under your breath so that it is not loud enough to wake him up. Or if you aren’t in the mood, put some soothing music on, on a low volume, like the KennyG saxophone series that have really enchanting music that can make your child sleep in seconds.

No TV or gaming for upto half an hour before he sleeps

Try to make your child as less addicted to the TV as possible. It will do him a lot of good if he is not allowed to watch the televison at least for half an hour before he sleeps. You may expect a lot of tantrums and the likes but then, you have to be firm where it matters most. Let this be an iron clad rule and let your child know that in no uncertain terms.

A prayer will help

Before putting your child to sleep, make him say a few verses or lines having his hands folded as a prayer to God for the day. You can join him as possible. And it would be engaging if you ask him to make a secret wish ( and not tell anybody about it – not even you ) every night before sleeping.

Keep the room dark and conducive to sleep

Your toddler’s room must not bear the brunt of heavy lighting and rock music from the neighbor’s place. You could arrange for blinds and drapes so that light from outside cannot enter your toddler’s room and perhaps put up a neon bed lamp for your child. The ambience of the room must be such that the toddler must be able to sleep well throughout the night.

Above all, make your toddler get used to a particular time to sleep for a few days and you shall see that after a few weeks his eyes begin to droop even without your involvement. That’s his internal clock at work. Get him to sleep early so that he rises up early and is hale and hearty throughout the day.

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