Oral hygiene for children

In today’s world, work oriented moms and dads that we see nowadays have extremely less time to spare for their children makes the art of teaching positive values an even bigger hassle. As a result, healthy habits in kids of today are tougher to inculcate than those of the yester years. Nevertheless, the right amount of love, affection and care on the part of the parent can make children imbibe positive values as easily as possible. All it requires is loads of understanding, maturity and patience on your part.

What are the healthy habits that can be inculcated in toddlers?

Here is a list of general healthy habits that can be inculcated in your kid from time to time.

General hygiene and cleanliness

This is one of the most basic trait that can make your toddler a healthy personality with a clean and healthy physique once he grows up. Your toddler can be taught how to clean his hands and legs while you bathe him. He can be asked to observe how you scrub him all over and can be asked to help you out by scrubbing certain parts of his body like the chest, the stomach and the thigh when he has his bath. This will make him enjoy his bath and he will be proud enough if you ask him to go and clean up all by himself using the soap and shampoo after his play time. Make sure that he is always made to wear clean clothes and that his genitals are washed extremely clean. Hygiene is one of the basic things that your kid needs to know as he grows up.

Washing hands before a meal

One of the most popular and fundamental issues that need to be taught to your toddler, the sooner, the better. You must make this an unalterable rule by insisting that he washes his hands every time he comes for his meal. You could assign a special wash basin for the purpose or provide him a baby stool that makes him reach over and wash up before he comes to have his lunch or dinner. It doesn’t matter whether he uses his hands or not while eating, but he needs to know that his hands need to be clean once he is on the table. Make this a family rule and ensure that you and your spouse too follow this rule while you come forward to eat food. Your child will soon enough imitate you even before you ask him to wash his hands before eating.

Using tissues and handkerchiefs

Make sure your child is accustomed to using tissues and hand kerchiefs to wipe his hands clean every time he washes them. Ensure that your toddler carries one always in his pockets. Teach your child never to leave home without a handkerchief and very soon your kid will demand a kerchief from you before he leaves outside. This is a good habit and you can even try stocking baby napkins and tissues that they will find attractive enough to use.

Bathroom habits

Bathroom habits are another arena where your child will need some serious tutoring. After training your kid to use the potty , you must teach them how to clean themselves properly. teach them to wipe the bottom with a towel  so that his inner wear do not get wet. This is utmost important when your child defecates. Of course, it is highly impossible to expect your kid to learn all this soon enough so you need to clean up after him when he finishes till he gets the hang of it. Washing hands after urination with soap solution is a must. Make sure this becomes a habit with your child.

Dental care

Dental care starts with rinsing the mouth well after eating food. Make him collect water and tell him firmly not to gulp it down and just wash his mouth and spit it back. This can be fun for your toddler and he’ll ask you to let him do this many times. Of course, the more times he does it, the better; and hence, play along with this whim of his. Also, brushing the teeth is very important here. Your toddler might be too young to brush his teeth on his own and hence, you must ensure that he stands still while you meticulously brush his teeth for a good two minutes. Let him judge the various strokes that you make and when he is about six or seven years old he can start brushing his teeth himself. Always use a baby toothpaste till they are about 6 years old.


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