Fun methods to teach kids

Teaching your child the very basic things in life can be rewarding and yet very frustrating. As parents, you would your child to absorb every nuance rapidly while your kid might be willing to learn at a slow pace. Studies have shown that no matter how the basic mental structure of the child may be, he/she may still love it if you attempt to train them in a play way method. Infact the play way method is what most of the playgrops adopt to making learning fun for the kids. Enjoy teaching your child certain fundamentals like the Alphabet or numbers in a creative way using the following suggestions below.

Count things in the house

This is a good way to learn counting numbers. All you have to do is stack certain household things like clothes or utensils together, or even better you could use their toys and then pull out the things one by one and count loud saying, “This is Number One.” and so on. They will repeat after you and soon master their basic one to ten numbers.

Play the ‘I Spy’ Game

You could play the famous ‘I Spy’ game with your kid in a room where you tell him, “I spy a Frame of You and Papa” He must then go and pick up what he thinks is a frame in the room. This way, he’ll soon learn the names of all the gadgets in the house. You could play the game in different rooms and to spice it up a bit, let him do an ‘I Spy’ on you too. In fact, to show him a bit of equality, which toddlers love, you and your toddler could take turns at spying things and then naming them.

Play the Alphabet Game when you drive

You could do something creative when you drive with your kid in tow. Like, for instance, ask him/her to search for all the A’s on the road. Your toddler can search the letter on bill boards, shop boards and even on the number plates of other vehicles. After he spots about 10 A’s, you can start with the B’s and so on. Also, making him count the trees and the motorbikes on the road is another way where he can practice his numbers.

Teaching through Food

The most wonderful option to get your child learn the basic alphabet for life is making them practising it daily through food. You could bake your kid cookies and cakes that have frostings reading out the various alphabets on them. Ask your kid whether he would like to eat an F or a Y and watch his pleasure grow as he chooses his alphabet from a range of cookies and devours them. Sauce can also be used to draw alphabets on his daily morning toast and let him have the thrill of eating a new alphabet every day.

Bring back the Abacus

The Abacus is on of the most important methods of learning not only maths and counting but also the basic operations. They come in colored beads that make the job much easier for the kids to learn and enjoy their basic math. You could give this instrument a try nevertheless.

Play the Guessing Game

This is one of the interesting games. In this game you think of anything and give them a hint by telling them the first and the last letter of the word, and the child will need to guess it. For example, you could say, “I’m thinkin a fruit, that starts with the letter A and ends with the letter E. Can you guess what I am thinking?” Make this enjoyable, and let your child make you guess what he is thinking too!

With a little patience and lot of novel ideas you could give your child a fun approach to learning that will build up the curiosity to learn for the rest of his life.


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