Activities and Games for your kids

Activities and Games for your kids are mostly inclined towards fun and enjoyment in their initial stages as opposed to the drab and serious ways of learning. You kid would learn more when you try to make everything seem exciting and adventurous in a way that would stimulate them to know more.

A play way method of teaching while allowing them to explore things as much as they can is the key to making your kid develop a cheerful attitude. A few games that would result in a happy play time between you and your child are listed below.

Crayon Coloring Activity

Buy your kid huge books with large pictures and a set of crayons and watch them diligently fill each picture with a lot of colors. Or just give them large sheets of paper and watch their creativity come alive. Each child will choose his own color according to what he likes and what he doesn’t. You could think of giving him stars on the page to motivate him further and watch him turn into a mini-Picasso.

Art and Craft Activities

Clay Modelling

This is one of the most popular games available today. You get colored clay of different kinds in the stores and they can be modeled to build almost anything from cats to cars to houses. A clay modeling set comes replete with scissors and trimmers that can make your child make all the designs and shapes they want. An alternative is the chappati dough. When you knead out your dough into a thick batter, spare a little for game time with your toddler. You can roll the batter to make various kinds of shapes and beautiful creations.

Paper Craft – Origami

This is another simulating activity that your tiny tots would love. Making baby swings, paper boats and aeroplanes that they can play with and proudly display to all those around will no doubt boost the creative instinct of your child to an extent that he/she will soon start imagining their own innovative designs and will surprise you by making purses out of leaves and the like. But ensure that the scissors they use are crafting scissors as they are very blunt.

Scribbling on a Washable Wall

It is a very good idea to have one end of your child’s room equipped with a washable wall that can be used for your kids to draw, paint and scribble to their hearts’ content. They may scribble as much as they want, paint the wall with colors they like and draw faces and lines all over. After learning to write, you can watch them trying to write their ABC on the wall as well.

Blocks  and Construction Sets

Blocks help your child with eye to hand co-ordination.  We have a wide range of such toys that can let the creativity of your little one unleash. They can build cars, buildings and their favourite things. There are also simple insert the shape in the box toys that can teach your child the basic shapes and colours.

Along with all these activities, make sure that your kids run and play a lot in parks and in the backyard. It is good to make your child indulge in creative stuff, but a sound physical health is also a high priority which can be fulfilled only when they play outdoors.


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