Safety At Home

With kids around at home, there are chances of accidents happening, no matter how cautious you are. Little fingers caught in the door, stubbed toes, falls and their likes happen. While you cannot prevent all incidents from occurring, you can however use safety products that can minimize any casualties at home.

Door Stoppers: Door Guards or door stoppers helps prevent any accidental injuries to your child’s fingers. It also prevents children from getting locked accidentally in a room. Once you fix this to the door it acts like a jammer and helps prevents accidents.

Toilet seat sealers: Many a curious wants to know what is in that pot! Yes, they do. The toilet sealers can be used once the lid is shut on the commode. It is a good gadget to keep the inquisitive at bay.

Electric Socket Sealers: You can use these dummy plugs to keep your toddler away from all open electric switches. These help prevent any electrocution mishaps.

First Aid Box: Always keep a first aid box ready. Keep the basics like a bottle of Dettol, a bundle of wool or cotton balls, band aids and gauze pieces. A first aid kit is a must in any home irrespective of the fact if it houses kids or not.

Door Knob Holders: These can be placed on the door knobs and toddlers cannot turn the door knobs. It can prevent accidents like the child locking themselves inside a room accidentally.

Corner Guards: These can be used on sharp edged furniture pieces at home and the blunt edges reduce the chances of any injuries.

While these are just equipment’s designed to make your life easy, real safety lies in your hands. There are a lot of things that you will need to keep a look out for once your little one is ready to explore the surroundings around him.

Visit our Health and Safety section to view some of the mentioned products.


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