Organising the nursery

One chore that probably is a bane for almost every mother is keeping a house clean when there are toddlers around. I’ve lost count of how many times the cushions go back on the settee or the number of times the pots and pans are back where they actually belong. Accept it. Kids are curious; It is a major thrill for them to do exactly the things they have been forbidden from doing. Strewn toys, clothes and books (and lots more!) is a very common sight at homes that house toddlers. The lack of luxury of space makes the clutter more obvious. You can buy some equipment that not only comes handy as a storage option, but also looks good!
Here are some options that you can consider:

Storage Units: These can be hung on the wall. They typically come with shelves that can be used for organising books, toys or clothes. They come in various colours and patterns and you can choose some that match the wall colours of your kid’s room.


Soft Seats: These are fluffy seats that can be used as a seating option. This oversized, plush bag is covered with large, zippered windows made out of transparent, durable mesh. Children can fill the bag with stuffed animals of all sizes, and then use the Animal Bag as a soft seat. The more the stuffed toys in it, the more comfortable it is!

Soft Seat

Baby Boxes: This box is a perfect place for storing special toys and stuffed animals and baby’s nursery accessories. It is lightweight and durable. This spacious plastic box has an in built tray and plenty of room for all those baby essentials. You can store medicines and grooming accessories for your baby in it.

Beds and Tables: When you are choosing beds or study units for your child, ensure that it has storage space. Buy beds that have inbuilt storages to keep their toys, books or quilts in them to give the room a clean appearance.

Shoe Holders: There are a wide variety of shoe holders available in the market that can be used for those numerous pairs of shoes that your toddler owns. They can be hung on the wall and the shoes can be placed on the hooks. This ensures you won’t be tripping over shoes strewn around!

Shoe Holders

If you are looking for more options to do up your toddlers nursery, visit the Nursery section at


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