Bread and Egg Pancakes

As a mother, my sole aim everyday is to ensure that my boys eat well. Yes, they do have the phases when they want nothing but a glass of milk the whole day and I am amazed at how much energy they get from it! It was fine till they were on baby food, but when the time came to wean them off the baby food and make them eat the regular food, it was a challenge. I looked up the net, noted recipes, made them new meals everyday, but my boys refused to eat. In sheer frustration, I called a friend who knew how to cook up some delicious meals for her then 3 year old son. I am sharing one recipe, that can be used for the breakfast.

I’ll call these bread and egg pancakes and it is easy to make (trust me, it is!)

What you need:

3 slices of bread
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 cheese cube
1 tbsp of butter
a pinch of nutmeg
salt and pepper according to the taste

Make a batter of all these ingredients by mixing it in the blender. You can add more milk if the consistency is too thick. The batter needs to be smooth and lump free. Grease a pan slightly (remember you also added butter in the batter) and pour it on the pan to make small pancakes.

You can serve this with tomato sauce.

Egg and Bread Pancakes


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