Making Learning Fun!

You might want your toddler to finish up with his homework and then sit down to complete his coloring, but he is all set to dash out on you the moment you open the front room door. What do you do then?

You must see to it that your kid has been learning and using a part of his skills everyday, and the child sees to it that he is having fun in the process. This leads to a new brand of studying called ‘Edutainment’ which promises to cash in on education and entertainment in equal features through a slew of activities for you and your child. Some of the most popular activities are mentioned below.

Trailing and backpacking

Nature can be one of the best classrooms in the world. So, in case you and your toddler are both the outdoors type, you could go in for a few camping and trailing sessions at national parks and sanctuaries located not far away from the city. Figure out the basic hows and whys with your child as you both go on exploring the area and noting down several factors like leaves, insects, types of stones, animals and others. It could be a great way to spend the day outside and more so, if you could make your child a little more environmentally aware.

Geocaching – A Unique way of camping

This trend has been one of the newest and yet the most popular in recent times. It works out in a way that your child will be a part of a group which can include you and your spouse and you will be given a GPS system and will be asked to find out the route to some inaccessible terrain, the whereabouts of which will be unknown to you. This is suitable for toddlers above six as they can also look forward to guiding you by searching for hidden paths and routes. This is an intense and enjoyable way of trekking where a lot can be learnt in the process both about nature and about technology.

Watching educational television programmes

Lets face it, parents! Your kids will forever be attracted to the idiot box and no amount of weaning them away will cause them to even shift in their chairs while they watch their favorite cartoons and shows. Let them watch the Disney Show and the like for around an hour in the morning and evening and then turn on the Discovery or the History channel and both of you can watch and discuss the lifestyle and wildlife programs that are aired over there from time to time.


Watch this space for more inputs on how to make learning fun for your kids!


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