5 Popular Pregnancy Myths

Signs that predict the gender of the Baby. Eating, Resting and Bathing Advices.

Here are the Top 5 Pregnancy Myths that have been believed in for several centuries.
Not anymore.

1. The Shape and Richness of Mother’s Face Shows the Gender of the Unborn Baby!
It is commonly believed that a glow on the pregnant woman’s face means that she is carrying a baby girl, whereas a lack of glow and dullness denotes a baby boy.
Doctors say that the glow on the face or its shape nothing has to do with the gender of the baby. Every woman gains weight during her pregnancy differently, and thus she experiences different skin changes. So if someone tells you that you are going to have a girl because you have a round and rosy face, it has as much possibility to be proven true as it has to be completely wrong.

2. Carrying Low= Baby Boy or Carrying High= Baby Girl!

This is the most popular method of older women to determine the gender of the unborn baby. They believe if a woman has got a big and high belly this shows the baby girl, and if the belly is low, the baby will be a boy.
This one is a bad idea to decide baby’s gender! Poeple will sound sure but this method is baseless. Scientific studies say that the height and shape of would-be mother’s belly depend on several factors, including: uterine tone which includes the flexibility and muscular strength of the uterus, muscle tone of the belly and baby’s position. In most cases, carrying low means you’re closer to the delivery time so it’s better to check with the doctor.

3. The More You Will Rest during Pregnancy, the Healthier Your Baby Will Be!
It’s a very common situation. As you start walking or exercising, voices rise to stop you, saying it will harm the baby inside you.
This is a common thinking that exercising or walking is not good for a pregnant woman; she should rest as much as possible, but experts say that a mum needs to take rest in her first three months of the pregnancy as the foetus at this time is in a sensitive state. After her third month of pregnancy, the mum must do some light exercises regularly, as too much of rest may cause a painful and complicated delivery.

4. The Food Intake Should Be for Two!
“This is not enough, now you need to eat for two” is the most common, and I guess most irritating advice during pregnancy. Your loved ones care for you and your baby, and in their love they ask you to eat much more than normal, aiming at a proper nutrition of the baby inside you.
It is right that there is another life within you, but remember that’s not an adult. The baby needs maximum 100 calories a day. So having a little extra of healthy food (calcium 1000 mg and iron 27–30 mg) will be a better idea than grazing all the day. Over eating will just cause obesity and an instant weight gain.

5. It is Not Safe to Take Baths during Pregnancy!
Some people say that pregnant women must not bath during pregnancy as this harms baby.
Well, it is hard to understand the logic behind baths and baby’s health unless it is a HOT water bath (which is actually not recommended as it might affect the baby). Instead use lukewarm water for your bath.


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