Quick Dry – Laminated Fabric (Small)

Quick Dry - Laminated Fabric (Small)

Quick Dry – Laminated Fabric (Small)

70×50 cm, The breathable, waterproof bed protector

‘Quick Dry’ is a multilayer product, the main stay of which is a water proof, breathable membrane bonded to a very cozy top surface. This layer prevents water or liquids from going down, but all allows moisture to pass through the entire fabric, giving comfort to the skin. The ‘Quick Dry’ sheet also dries faster as the membrane promotes the removal of water vapor, a revolution in bed protectors.

  • Dries faster
  • Light weight
  • Durable minimal rashes
  • Highly hygienic
  • Diaper free nights
  • No feeling of heat
  • Cozy, smooth and silky feeling
  • Hold 8 times its weight of water

Buy ‘Quick Dry’ and give your child, a loved one or near and dear the best available bed protection product in the world!

Note: The product is available in various attractive colors. The one available will be shipped to you.

Price: Rs. 175.00

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