Hauck Zero Plus Happy World Orange

Hauck Zero Plus Happy World Orange

Hauck Zero Plus Happy World Orange

Happy World Orange, Flexibility for everyday life

The latest technology and highest level of security are provided by the Zero Plus Comfort from Hauck. Zero Plus Comfort, the new generation of car seats from Hauck.

  • Extra light weight and with its ergonomically shaped aluminum handle this car seat has it all.
  • Special protection and extra comfort is provided by the centrally adjustable 3-point padded seat belt, and extra soft padding.
  • An additional head protection insert supports the head of newborns and can be removed as baby grows.
  • The sturdy outer shell offers high impact protection.
  • With its integrated easy-fix system the Zero Plus Comfort can be combined with the Hauck Malibu or Condor, and used as a practical shop’n Drive travel system.
  • All Hauck car seats are tested according to the latest European safety standard and meets the ECE 44/04.

Suitable up-to 15kg (33.06 lbs)

Price : Rs. 5895.00

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