Hauck Sport – Spring Red

Hauck Sport - Spring Red

Hauck Sport – Spring Red

Lightness and agility, 6 wheeled buggy that is easy to manage and put away!

The Hauck Sport is a reliable companion designed to make sure that your baby is comfortable during your shopping trips. It is an ideal option if your baby has crossed 3 months of age and you are looking for a buggy that is lightweight and easily maneuverable.

The buggy comprises of a wide galore of features and to top it all, it is very reasonably priced. Apart from being lightweight, it is extremely easy to put away too. To make your shopping trip simpler, the buggy can be easily maneuvered which is ensured by its swivel or locked front wheels. The buggy has 6 wheels of 14 cm diameter that are made of plastic. It also has a conformable foam handle and an extra-large shopping basket.

The buggy also ensures your baby’s comfort as it has a reclining back rest, 5 point adjustable leg rest and an adjustable footrest. The large foldable canopy is quite a surprise as it is rarely seen in other lightweight buggies. Taking care of your little one’s safety are a 5-point harness, double-parking brake on rear wheels and a bumper bar for something your baby can hold on to in case of rough terrain.

Stroller Dimension :

  • Height of handle from ground – 100cm
  • Width of handle – 44cm (approx)
  • Length of seat – 72cm
  • Width of seat – 30cm (approx)
Price : Rs. 5195.00

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