Hauck Jeep Rio Plus – Red & Black

Hauck Jeep Rio Plus - Red & Black

Hauck Jeep Rio Plus – Red & Black

Jeep-red-black, It is an 8 wheeled stroller with an umbrella fold and has features like light weight, manageable, easy to put away and store

Hauck’s Jeep Rio Plus is a stylish and lightweight stroller that helps the child in sitting completely upright. The stroller is suitable right from birth till 4 years of age. Weighing just 7.5 kg, the stroller is indeed lightweight as compared to the strollers in the umbrella fold category.

The stroller has a light framework made of aluminum and is easy to assemble and fold away after its use. The canopy of the stroller is removable and can be washed. The shopping basket is rather large and has a handy front pouch. Another great feature is the height-adjustable handlebar grips that allow you to adjust the stroller to your size.

For your child’s safety is a 5-point safety harness that is padded to provide your child with additional comfort. The back rest reclines up to 4 positions and the leg rest is adjustable up to 3 positions. The stroller also comes with a bumper bar to add up to your child’s safety. It is an 8 wheeled stroller which has wheels made of plastic. It has front swivel wheels and rear wheel suspension that make the stroller easily maneuverable.

Price : Rs. 9950.00

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