Pampers Active Baby (Imported)

Pampers Active Baby (Imported)

Pampers Active Baby (Imported)

L (9-14 Kg), 50 Pieces

Pampers Baby’s Stages of Development introduces a diaper made especially for the needs of your Active Baby. At this stage your little explorer is learning how to crawl and stand and nothing should restrict their freedom to find their own moves, especially not their diaper.

  • Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers with Caterpillar-Flex expand and contract with your child’s stomach as they breathe, digest, and move throughout the night. Flexes to fit for Fewer Leaks
  • At night, a baby’s stomach can shrink up to an inch. Pampers Baby-Dry with Caterpillar-Flex expand and contract with your
  • child, to help sleep go undisturbed
  • Highly elastic leg cuffs: Pampers active baby has 3 strand thin elastic leg cuffs, which fits snugly along your baby’s thighs
  • Slimmest core: Pampers Active baby has the slimmest fit between the legs so that your baby feels less bulky and is able to walk naturally, almost as if not wearing a diaper
  • Dual Absorption Layer: Pampers Active Baby is the only diaper with dual layer absorption system that draws urine quickly from the skin and locks it away, so that your baby’s skin remains dry even when the diaper is under pressure
  • 360 Absorbency: Pampers Active Baby can even absorb upside down! This means you don’t have to worry as your baby sits in funny positions, because our diaper will take it all
  • Bath Fresh Lotion: Pampers Active Baby has bath fresh lotion that leaves your baby’s skin smelling fresh and safe from rashes

Price: Rs. 650.00

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