Mee Mee Stroller

Mee Mee Stroller

Mee Mee Stroller

Stylish lightweight Blue colour stroller

A stroller that is durable and will comfort your little one. The soft seat base means a more comfortable ride for your child. The wheels (6″) all six of them, allow your stroller to glide over any surface.
Worried about keeping your little one in their seat? The addition of safety belt means your little one is securely seated.

Sunny day? No worries, the fully-adjustable (for those cloudy days) canopy means your little one will always ride in the comfort of shade. And if your little one starts to nod off during your long afternoon walk, simply use the recline feature and they can comfortably snooze while you continue on your way!

And the underneath storage provides plenty of room for your diaper bag and any other “extras” you bring or buy along the way. When you stop, the rear wheel brakes will allow the stroller to stay in place.

The stroller features an easy, one-hand fold and is easy to toss in your trunk in between trips.

Stroller Dimension

  • Height of handle from ground – 91cm
  • Width of handle – 47cm
  • Length of seat – 66cm
  • Width of seat – 40cm (approx)
Price : Rs. 3295.00

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