Huggies Care Diapers

Huggies Care Diapers

Huggies Care Diapers

XL, (12Kg+), 10 Pieces

When we’re busy, it can sometimes mean that our baby stays in a wet nappy, as cloth nappies just don’t absorb wetness. This can lead to germs and infection. Huggies Care Diapers are a great solution. With the new Leak-lock system that draws the wetness away from your baby’s skin. It locks the wetness deep into the nappy so that your baby stays dry.

They are perfect to use both during the day and especially at night so that your baby can stay dry and comfortable while they sleep. The diapers also keep the baby free from the risk of germs and infection that can come from staying in a wet nappy

New 3 Layer Leak-Lock System

  • Cotton Soft layer pulls in wetness ensuring complete comfort
  • Fluff layer spreads the fluid evenly
  • Super Absorbent layer locks the fluid deep inside the diaper

Price: Rs. 120.00

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