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1st Step - My First Stroller

1st Step – My First Stroller

Attractive and durable baby stroller!

Carrying your baby around in your arms all day will make you tired and less productive. Whether you are taking a leisurely walk down the street, in the park or shopping in the mall, the use of a baby stroller makes these simple tasks much more enjoyable.

  • Reversible handle – you can push it either from behind or while facing the baby
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Extra cushion for more comfort
  • Rotatable & directional front wheels
  • Lock in all the wheels
  • Window in canopy
  • Preventing forward-slumping if your child falls asleep in the stroller
  • Stroller that has a brilliant design and square shaped aluminum frame
  • Large shopping basket
  • 2 Point safety harness belt for the baby securely
  • Back side attached parent pocket for the essential things

Stroller Dimension:

  • Height of handle from ground – 102cm
  • Width of handle – 51cm
  • Length of seat – 58cm
  • Width of seat – 35cm (approx)
  • Net weight- 9.5

Price : Rs. 4845.00 

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