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High Chair

High Chair

Stylish and light weight highchair

Looking for a way to keep baby entertained while you’re preparing his meal—or cleaning up? How about giving baby a chair of his very own to play in? The Highchair has a toy that gives baby just that. Snap it into the high chair tray, and baby can play with  in lots of different ways, including activating music, sounds! Also meal times will be over quickly as you do not have to look for any other diversion. The chair comes with a well padded contoured seat and safety harness. Adjustable tray and footrest, easy to fold for children. High back cushion seat for better support.

  • Allows the baby to join in at the dining table
  • Music dinner chair makes the babies feel more happy
  • Four position adjustable tray and three position adjustable footrest make the dinner chair suit to  kinds of babies
  • Easy to fold
  • The cover can be taken-down and easier to wash
  • Enhances fine motor skills as baby reaches and grasps onto the toy and presses buttons
  • Stimulates Senses
  • Toy is removable, so baby can play with it even when not in the high chair

Price : Rs. 3400.00 

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