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BSA - Walker Cum Rocker

BSA – Walker Cum Rocker

7 Months+, Colourful rocker cum walker that will delight and entertain your baby! Adjustable height

Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, you can keep baby comfortable and content with a baby walker cum rocker. The soothing rhythmic movements calm even the fussiest babies, while the attached toys, sounds and music featured on this walker cum rocker ensures that baby will stay entertained.

The Walker promotes development by allowing the child to experiment with music and rhythm. The padded seat gives a comfortable ride, while brakes help prevent falls on stairs. 3 height settings allows the walker to grow with your baby.The tray features buttons, lights, sounds and rattles. Folds flat for easy storage and seat liner is removable for washing.

  • Promotes development with music and rhythm
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • 3 height adjustment settings for a customized ride
  • As baby reaches and grasps toys, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills are enhanced.
  • Sturdy wheels work on floors and carpets

Note : The price includes extra packaging cost to ensure a safe delivery of the product at your doorstep.

Price : Rs. 2340.00 

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