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Medela® Pump In Style® Advanced

Medela® Pump In Style® Advanced
The original 2 phase expression, BPA Bisphenol free, No. 1 choice of hospitals and mothers

With this electric Breastpump in a a trendy backpack the active and working mother is fully equipped for pumping – any time, any place, every day.Ideal for frequent and extended use.

  1. Single or double pumping
  2. Gently massaging SoftFit™, Breastshield
  3. Removable motor unit and cooler carrier
  4. Electric or battery-powered

Features: Unique 2-Phase Expression® – designed for faster let-down and milk flow:

  1. Mimicking a baby’s natural nursing rhythm more precisely than any other system
  2. Initial fast pumping rhythm at 120 cycles per minute called Stimulation Phase. Followed by a slower pumping rhythm at 54-72 cycles per minute called Expression Phase

Two Pumping Options for the mother:

  1. Automatic or Individual option, both comprising stimulation and expression mode
  2. Automatic- Fully automatic switching from stimulation to expression mode after two minutes
  3. Individual – When the milk let-down occurs before the 2-minute stimulation has elapsed and the mother wishes to reduce the stimulation time, she has the choice to continue with expression immediately by pressing the Let-down button

One-Knob Control:

  1. For mothers convenience one knob combines vacuum level and the number of cycles per minute in the expression phase
  2. This means, the mother adjusts the vacuum to her individual comfort level and the Pump In Style Advanced will automatically apply the optimum frequency for that specific vacuum level. Thus, taking away the confusion of two separate buttons and therefore adding to the ease-of-use and comfort

Compare Kit : Everything a mother needs to pump, store and cool breastmilk is included

Ergonomic Backpack Design

  1. With adjustable, padded shoulder straps, for handsfree portability
  2. Discreet black microfiber backpack with extra storage pockets, resists water and stains
  3. Chollapsible interior partitions with removable motor unit and cooler bag to configure the bag to the mother’s needs
  4. No overflow into the pump possible
  5. Mains adapter, battery operation or car adapter

Single and double pumping possible:

  1. Double pumping reduces pumping time and can help increase milk supply
  2. It is possible to start with double pumping and to continue with single pumping or vice versa, by simply inserting the port plug while single pumping
  3. Fully automatic operation with physiologically natural suction principle
  4. Simultaneous pumping
  5. Quiet, discreet operation
  6. Accessory set can be used as a manual breastpump

Recommendation for use:

  1. Ideal for frequent and long-term use
  2. Specially designed for active and working mothers
  3. Several times per week, e.g. 3 – 5 times per day
  4. Single user product: Personal care item

Consisting of:

  1. 2 SoftFit™ Breastshields (24 mm)
  2. 2 Connectors
  3. 2 Valve heads
  4. 2 Valve membranes (two spares included)
  5. 4 Breastmilk bottles with imprint (150 ml)
  6. 2 Tubing
  7. 4 Lids
  8. 4 Discs
  9. 2 Bottle stands
  10. 1 Piston
  11. 1 Rubber seal
  12. 1 Cylinder
  13. 1 Cooler bag
  14. 1 Cooling element
  15. 1 Mains adapter
  16. 1 Backpack
  17. 1 Motor unit
  18. 1 Battery Pak™
  19. 1 Car adapter (sold separately). Batteries not included

Useful Hints/Trouble Shooting: Minimum vacuum is always automatically set at 50 mmHg

Price: Rs. 24500.00 | Rs. 22050.00

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