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Chicco® Baby Control (Video Digital)

Chicco® Baby Control (Video Digital)

0 Month+, Winner of Baby innovation award 2010, Digital technology

The Baby Control Video Digital Plus  is a wireless video surveillance system which allows you to remain in constant contact with your baby. This model has a 2.4 inch screen with a special digital zoom function with enlarges the image to twice its …Read more size; it also has its own menu where you can set the date, time and alarm functions and even the brightness on the screen. Luminous LEDs indicate the level of noise in the baby’s room.The device in the baby’s room is fitted with an IR video camera which works in the dark and can easily be adjusted and orientated for better focus. It also has a range of lullabies and a night light to keep the baby company. Both devices (parent and baby) can run on batteries (rechargeable batteries included for the parent device) or plugged into the mains (two adaptors included). Vocal and video transmissions use the Hopping digital technology. Operating range: Approx. 150* m.


  1. 150m maximum range
  2. Wide display 2,4″
  3. Digital Zoom
  4. Display with date and time
  5. Alarm Function
  6. Voice activation
  7. Lullabies
  8. Night Light
  9. Rechargeable batteries parent’s unit included
  10. 100-240V ~, 50/60Hz

Price: Rs. 11999.00 | Rs. 10799.10

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